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24k Gold Facial

The Highest Standards for Skincare

Gold has been celebrated for its luxurious and beautifying properties throughout history, dating back to the time of Cleopatra, who used pure gold as a means to maintain youthful skin. Historical records suggest that Cleopatra slept with a gold mask on every night. In ancient Rome, gold salves were utilized for various skin problems, while in Chinese medicine, gold was believed to be the key to youth, with the empress of the Qing dynasty using a gold massage roller on her face daily.

Today, with the latest skincare advancements in Gamma PGA, Ions, and ultrasonic Nano Mist technology, UMO has harnessed the power of gold to offer the ultimate, 100% natural skin rejuvenating treatment - The UMO 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment, which continues the tradition of using gold for beauty and skin care.


  • The UMO 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment offers a multitude of benefits for your skin. By slowing down collagen depletion and preventing the breakdown of elastin, gold helps lift and firm the skin, while stimulating the growth of healthy, firm cells for a tightening effect.
  • The Gamma PGA component delivers superior hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and plumping up the skin for a softer, supple texture.
  • Experience the golden rule of skincare with our UMO 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment, which combines the power of 24 Karat Gold, Gamma PGA, Ions, and Ultrasonic Nano Mist technology.
  • Gold fights against damaging free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging.
  • Gold has also been proven effective in reducing inflammation and slowing down melanin secretion, resulting in lightened and brightened skin with reduced age spots.

How does it work

Our gold facial treatment includes a five-step process that begins with a thorough cleansing using high-quality cleansers and toners. Next, we gently exfoliate your skin using upward motions with our gold facial scrub. After that, we use a gold massage cream or gel to nourish and hydrate your skin. Then, we apply a gold mask that has been approved by our dermatologist and wait for it to dry. Finally, we end the treatment with a cold compress and the application of our gold facial moisturizer for a truly luxurious experience.



Gold has been utilized in skincare for ages, and there is a solid reason for it. This precious metal offers several benefits for the skin, such as reducing inflammation, increasing the production of collagen, and providing antioxidant protection.

24k Gold Facial Dubai Price

2500 AED

1 session 15% off I 2 sessions 25% off I 5 sessions 35% off