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DNA Testing

DNA Testing

DNA testing is another name for genetic testing. It is a type of test that can detect changes in your body's genes, chromosomes, or proteins. A sample of your blood, skin, hair, tissue, or amniotic fluid is taken for genetic testing. If you have a genetic condition, the test may be able to confirm or rule it out. It may also assist in determining your risk of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

Types of DNA tests

  • DNA Health Test: A thorough annual health screening that includes a detailed report on your key health concerns and a recovery plan. Unlike other health screenings, we use cutting-edge software based on the most recent medical research to prevent and detect disease at its earliest stages. We take blood and test it for up to 80 markers.
  • DNA Diet Test: DNA testing is the most accurate way to determine how your body responds to and metabolizes specific nutrients. It is more effective than blood testing in determining the underlying cause of any existing problems.
  • Genetic Ancestry Testing: Also known as genetic genealogy, this test offers deeper insights into your family history beyond what can be obtained from relatives or historical records. By analyzing DNA variations, it can provide information about ancestral origins, family relationships, shared genetic patterns, and migration patterns.
  • Acne Genetic Testing: This test examines your genetic predisposition to acne and provides information on associated risk factors, inflammatory markers, hormonal influences, and genetic variations influencing acne development.
  • DNA Sport Test: This DNA test will inform you about your proclivity to excel in various capacities, allowing you to concentrate on getting the most out of yourself. Furthermore, it will give you more control over your habits based on your genetics. Enhance your strengths and avoid factors that may have a negative impact on your health and well-being.
  • DNA Skin Test: Skin DNA testing reveals your skin's unique genetic code, allowing your dermatologist to address skin problems even before they appear. Because the risk factor for various skin issues can now be determined, the source of a potential problem can be addressed even before the problem manifests itself.
  • Hair Loss Genetic Testing: The Trichotest is an effective initial step in addressing hair loss. By understanding a patient's genetics, it eliminates the trial-and-error approach to hair loss treatments, allowing for personalized pathways and optimal results.
  • Telomere Genetic Testing: Telomeres are protective sections of genetic material at the ends of chromosomes. This test measures telomere length, the rate of shortening, genetic factors influencing length, and implications for health and aging-related erosion.


Price : 2,200 AED

Reports on:
  • Collagen Quality.
  • Skin elasticity.
  • Fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Sun protection.
  • Pigmentation.
  • Skin antioxidants.
  • Skin sensitivity.


Price : 2,700 AED

Reports on:
  • Cholesterol metabolism.
  • Bone health.
  • Inflammation.
  • Oxidative stress.
  • Susceptibility to diabetes.
  • Food responsiveness and sensitivities.


Price : 2,200 AED

Reports on:
  • Variations linked to obesity and weight.
  • Your ability to lose or gain weight easily.
  • Your body's responsiveness to exercise.


Price : 2,200 AED

Reports on:
  • Endurance & aerobics capacity.
  • Muscle fibre type & bone composition.
  • Energy & fuel during exercise.
  • Blood flow: blood pressure & oxygenation.


Reports on:
  • Estimate of Ethnicity: Ancestral geographic regions.
  • Haplogroups: Paternal and maternal lineages.
  • Genetic matches: Potential relatives found in the database.
  • Migration patterns: Historical movement of ancestors.
  • Health-related information (optional): Genetic predispositions and traits (varies).


Reports on:
  • Genetic predisposition to developing acne.
  • Risk factors associated with acne.
  • Inflammatory markers linked to acne.
  • Hormonal factors contributing to acne.
  • Genetic variations that influence acne development.


Reports on:
  • Genetic predisposition to experiencing hair loss.
  • Identifying risk factors associated with hair loss.
  • Understanding hormonal factors related to hair loss.
  • Examining genetic variations that influence hair loss.
  • Exploring potential treatment options for hair loss.


Reports on:
  • Measurement of telomere length.
  • Rate at which telomeres shorten.
  • Genetic factors that impact telomere length.
  • Health implications related to telomeres.
  • Assessment of age-related telomere erosion.


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