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Body Fillers Dubai

Body Fillers

Are there areas of your body that you feel are lacking in volume or symmetry? Perhaps you desire a fuller cleavage or a more shapely and rounder bottom. If you believed that surgical intervention was the only solution to achieving a curvier and more symmetrical silhouette, then you may be interested to know that we offer a non-surgical solution here at Drypskin. We provide injectable body filler, which involves the use of a hyaluronic acid filler to add volume and enhance specific areas of the body.

Ideal candidate for body fillers

At Drypskin, we require a no-obligation consultation before performing a body filler treatment. During this consultation, we will assess your specific body concerns and review your medical history to ensure that body fillers are both effective and safe for you. We will also provide an estimate of the necessary amount of filler and the overall cost of treatment. Once both you and the doctor agree to proceed with the body filler procedure, we will schedule an appointment for the treatment.

Areas treated with body fillers

    Butt Fillers Dubai
  • Body filler can be used on the buttocks to enhance volume, reshape and contour, and create curves or a subtle lift. Unlike implant surgery, using fillers for this area can provide a more natural and subtle appearance, and there is no significant or painful downtime involved.
  • Breast Enhancement Dubai
  • At drypSKin, we also offer non-surgical breast enhancement using body filler. The filler can be injected into the breasts to correct any irregularities, contour and reshape them, add natural-looking volume, or create a cleavage. Breast filler can also be used to add extra contour, increase volume, or correct any hollowing or dips that may have occurred after previous implant surgery or in the years following it.
  • Hand Fillers Dubai
  • Hand fillers can be used to replenish the appearance of hands and diminish fine lines.

What are Body Fillers?

Similar to dermal fillers used on the face, body filler can be used to contour, volumize, and enhance specific areas of the body while correcting any asymmetry and filling any loss of volume or hollowing. Body filler is also useful for filling crevices such as "hip dips" (a dip between the buttocks and the stomach that is visible when standing straight on) that many women have but prefer not to undergo surgical procedures to remove. As a result, body fillers provide an excellent non-invasive alternative.

Expected results

To enhance the buttocks, the filler is injected into the depressions and top of the buttocks to add volume, contour the area, and create a more rounded and lifted appearance while reducing the visibility of cellulite. Hand filler injections are used to restore soft tissue loss and damage in the hands, which helps to prevent skin elasticity loss and atrophy of subcutaneous tissue. Body filler can be injected into the breasts to address any irregularities, reshape and contour them, and provide a natural-looking increase in volume or cleavage. Moreover, breast filler can be used to enhance contour, increase volume, or correct any indentations or hollows that may have occurred following previous implant surgery or in the years since.

Body Fillers for Men

Men have always strived for a perfect upper body, with toned pectoral muscles and defined abs serving as the ideal physique that portrays strength, fitness, and health. However, achieving this desired look through traditional methods, such as weightlifting and hours of gym time, can sometimes be unattainable for many men.

In such cases, alternative options such as male body reshaping procedures, specifically pecs muscle enlargement through hyaluronic acid fillers, may be worth considering.

One effective non-surgical method for chest/pecs enlargement involves injectable hyaluronic acid fillers. This procedure can serve as a viable alternative to surgical pecs enlargement, and is one of the simplest ways to increase chest/pecs volume.

The process involves injecting dense fillers into the tissue surrounding the pectoral muscles through small, barely noticeable incisions. Local anesthesia is used, making the procedure relatively painless, and it requires minimal preparation and recovery time.



Is the treatment painful?

Typically, dermal filler injections are not painful, although the level of discomfort may vary depending on the area being injected.

How long does the dermal filler treatment last?

The effects of dermal filler injections can be immediately noticeable after the injection, but the final outcome will only be visible after 14 days from the treatment. The effects of fillers can last from 6 to 18 months.

What is the body filler aftercare like?

The aftercare for body filler is similar to that of facial dermal filler treatment. You may experience some tenderness, soreness, bruising, or swelling in the treated area for 48 to 72 hours. You will need to come back to the clinic for a 2-week review to ensure that everything is healing properly, and the area may require massaging to ensure the product settles correctly. For the first 48 to 72 hours following the procedure, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise, hot steam or saunas, baths, or wearing very tight clothing.


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