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EMS Zero Dubai

EMS Zero

Meet EMS Zero , the latest non-surgical treatment that simultaneously tones and burns fat. It is a revolutionary, non-invasive aesthetic treatment that produces visible results quickly and effectively. Each session is only 30 minutes long and there is no downtime.

EMS Zero is FDA approved, making it a safe, non-surgical device for removing stubborn fat while simultaneously building muscle in the targeted areas of the body.

Benefits of EMS Zero

  • The HIFEM technology is painless and painless, activating the muscles and providing toning, definition, and increased strength. Patients can gain a 25% muscle increase in just one session using the EMS Zero body contouring technology. Patients have firmer and stronger muscles after treatment, as well as a smoother and slimmer appearance.
  • The EMS Zero body contouring system reduces fat by heating its tissues using non-invasive RF (radiofrequency) energy. It melts away accumulated fat cells with no discomfort or pain. Fat cells that have been specifically targeted are permanently destroyed. Natural metabolic processes eventually eliminate these destroyed fat cells from the body.

How it works

EMS Zero is the first and only non-invasive treatment that combines two body-contouring procedures. It eliminates stubborn fat while also toning the muscles.

HIFEM technology is used for muscle toning. It represents high-intensity electromagnetic energy that is aimed at stimulating muscle contractions. EMS Zero activates 20,000 muscle contractions in targeted muscle groups, which is not possible with normal exercise. Muscle tissue adapts to these extreme conditions by undergoing deep reshaping.

Areas treated

  • Increasing core strength
  • Buttocks lifting and shaping
  • Abdomen flattening
  • Improving the calves
  • Increasing the definition of the biceps and triceps
  • Thigh fat reduction and muscle building
  • Treatment of abdominal muscle separation


Who is it best suited for?

EMS Zero is a revolutionary device that can help both men and women who are fit and healthy but are struggling with stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of their body and with building specific muscle groups. This body sculpting treatment can finally give patients what they want: less fat and more muscles.

How do you keep the results?

Because EMS Zero body contouring treatments are ideal for patients who are already fit and healthy, it is critical that they maintain their current lifestyle. Healthy habits are essential for maintaining muscle stimulation and fat reduction treatment.

Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet after the treatment ensures the best results and maintaining the perfect body shape indefinitely.

What is the recovery time after EMS Zero ?

An EMS Zero procedure requires no anaesthesia or downtime. The EMS Zero before and after results are also visible, allowing you to leave with a firmer, toned, and lifted body.

How long does it take for EMS Zero to produce results?

The effects of EMS Zero are immediately visible. Practitioners recommend four EMS Zero machine sessions spread out over a few weeks. After only thirty minutes on the bed during this time period, you can experience fat loss of up to 20% in the targeted area.